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Bright Art
The Fine Art of Stephanie Lockerbie Gillette

Peace comes quietly in the mornings.  I sit outside in the soft, early light and listen to the birds in the trees.  The world is gently waking.  I have a stillness within me which is a zen-like peace.  I attempted to portray this feeling in my painting.

I hope that people looking at it will also have a sense of quiet peacefulness.  It presently hangs in my living room and adds a lovely warmth to the room. It would in your house too!

Oh!  I want to mention that I have an interview from a show on this website!  Go up to the Favorite Links.  My interview starts at about 13:08 and goes for about 4 minutes. It discusses 4 paintings.

        Peace, 20x16", $300                                   

DoorEdges!  Look in my Gallery  for more of my  paintings and see the full line of DoorEdges™ in my Shopping Cart. I have decided not to make more DoorEdges for a while, so if you want one, it is best to get it before they are gone!


Selected works can be viewed and purchased at my Yessy site.  Sign up for my newsletter to find out about my upcoming shows. 

Art shows:
1. Various places in Canby businesses: Independent Hearing, Full Bloom, and Integrated Eye Clinic.  
2. TRAG Gallery - paintings and DoorEdges in the TRAG Gallery on 7th and Center in Oregon City. I will be there demonstrating off and on through September 2014. Come visit! (If I am not there, another artist will be.)
3. "The Shape of Things" show in the Gresham City Gallery from August 12-October 2nd.  It is located at 1333 NW Eastman Parkway, Gresham.

Please join me in my art journey through my
 blog I share my thoughts, techniques, and general life philosophy. I have been working on how to combine my abstract with my representational.  I feel that having feelings makes us more human, and I love painting them.

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