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Bright Art
The Fine Art of Stephanie Lockerbie Gillette

Sometimes it is good to take a little break and paint something just for fun.  I love animals and their soft fur.

Cats are regal no matter what they are doing - even if it is being a Couch Potato.  This beautiful kitty is perched amidst soft blankets and settled in for the evening.  I painted the blankets with a touch of surrealism as I just wanted the soft colors to surround the black and white cat.  

Oh!  I want to mention that I have an interview from a show on this website!  Go up to the Favorite Links.  My interview starts at about 13:08 and goes for about 4 minutes. It discusses 4 paintings.

        Couch Potato, 20x16" (GW), $200                                   

Selected works can be viewed and purchased at my Yessy site.  Sign up for my newsletter to find out about my upcoming shows. 

Art shows:   
TRAG Gallery - paintings in the TRAG Gallery on 7th and Center in Oregon City. I will be there demonstrating off and on through December 2014. Come visit! (If I am not there, another artist will be.)

Please join me in my art journey through my
 blog I did some traveling of my own while working on obtaining subject matter for a series of paintings I am compelled to do.  I am seeking interesting, romantic locations for painting beautiful young women with a male figure in the background.  The series will be "Protector or Predator?" to portray the dictomy of relations between women and men in our world.

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